Child and Family Studies Research Programs

CFSRP is a part of the Occupational Therapy Department, College of Health Professions, at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

130 South 9th Street, Suite 600
Philadelphia, PA 19107
TLC Hotline: 215-503-4019
Fax: 215-503-1640

Improving the quality of services for families and their children with special needs in the communities in which they live.


Within TLC (Credit on your TLC Transcript)

Register by clicking on the course title.

Outside of TLC (Submit Certificates to Supervisor)

  • DVAEYC Conference at Penn Quadrangle on March 10-11th 2017.
  • Elwyn training sessions - Register for Elywn-sponsored courses at
  • EITA or state-sponsored training sessions - go to and select Professional Development
  • Local, state or national conferences from which you receive CEU credits
  • University courses approved by the county (See procedures for approval in the current TLC Handbook).
  • Participation in PICC Activities with prior-approval of agency supervisor
  • PA Keys training sessions- Login to PA Keys, select calendar and to register for courses
  • The United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education & Early Childhood Investigations has developed the "Start Kids Bright" webinar series which highlights best practices in early learning through topics of community engagement, dual language learning, interactions between children and teachers, and infant and toddler education. "Learning in Two Languages in Early Childhood: What Every Early Childhood Professional Needs to Know", presented by Mileidis Gort. A certificate will be available after the webinar.

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