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Extramural Student Research Programs and Funding Sources

Research Programs

AMA Foundation Seed Grant Research Program
The American Medical Association Foundation provides grants for medical students and residents to conduct small projects in the following fields:

  • Animal Use in Research Education
  • Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Diseases
  • Neoplastic Diseases

AMSA Summer Programs and Electives
Internships, electives and programs are from the American Medical Student Association (more geared toward training than research). Search the main site for internships for links in specific topic areas, such as health policy, psychiatry, surgery, etc.

NIH Training & Education
Information on several NIH opportunities including the Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) and Summer Internship Program (SIP)

The Howard Hughes Institute Research Fellowship for Medical Students
The Medical Fellows Program supports a year of full-time biomedical research training for medical and dental students.

Funding Sources

TJU subscribes to the Pivot database, the most comprehensive source of funding information available on the Web. It provides leads on programs that fund training, research, travel, and conferences.

Additional Support

Grants Information Service
Through its Grants Information Service, Scott Memorial Library can help TJU students search for funding to support their research efforts and provide links to additional resources. Request a consultation.

Links to Other Programs