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If you would like to request a Instructional Technology training session, please contact Kathy Day at 215-503-4991 or

Creating and Preparing Charts for Publication
Creating charts for publication is a snap with Microsoft Excel. The graphing and formatting of Excel make it a quick and easy solution for many types of data display. We’ll look at optimizing your format in Excel for easy placement into PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Participants should already possess the skills to work with data in Excel.

During this workshop we will:

  • Create various types of graphs including: bar charts, x-y plots, scatter plots
  • Manipulate formatting to gain adequate resolution
  • Add a chart to MS PowerPoint for automatic updating
  • Copy and manipulate a chart in Photoshop that satisfies publishers’ requirements

Improving Assessment with ExamSoft
ExamSoft is not just a secure delivery solution—it has the potential to improve teaching and learning exponentially! This workshop, which focuses on the feedback and analysis features of ExamSoft, is essential for item writers, course faculty, and administration.

Topics include:

  • Student Feedback reports
  • Self-directed learning
  • Early advising/remediation
  • Item analysis
  • Curricular goals and objectives

Intermediate Photoshop Objectives
This workshop is a continuation of Photoshop Basics offering a more in-depth exploration of this application’s functions. Topics include: Automate functions, History Palette, Layers, layout and preparing images for use in MS Office applications. Due to the limited number of site licenses for this program, participants will do hands-on work in small groups. It is highly advised that Participants have an understanding of Photoshop or have attended the Photoshop Basics workshop to attend this workshop.

This workshop will review the following topics:

  • Using Automate functions to:
  • Using the History palette to undo selective changes
  • Inserting guides and grids for layout
  • Utilizing layers

Photoshop Basics for Teaching and Publication
This workshop will focus on the steps involved with manipulating digital images for teaching and publishing. Participants will be shown each step of the process—from digitizing images to managing files for all possible output types. Due to the limited number of site licenses for this program, participants will do hands-on work in small groups.

This workshop will review the following topics:

  • Differences in image requirement for print and display
  • Settings for adjusting image resolution
  • Cropping and resizing images
  • Manipulating color including modes and saturation
  • Applying labels to images
  • Saving images in different file formats