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Off-Campus Access to Scott Library Resources

While much of the Scott Library website is freely accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, some licensed resources and for-credit instructional materials are restricted to TJU students, faculty and staff, and our member subscribers:

Online Courses, the DVD Server and the Jefferson Clinical Images Database

  • Online courses, the DVD server and the Jefferson Clinical Images Database always require login with your Jefferson Campus Key (find your Campus Key now), whether you are on campus or off campus.
  • TIP: Select the "Login" link to utilize the Scott Library's single sign-on feature to minimize the number of times you have to enter your Campus Key and password.
    Single sign-on

Most E-Journals, E-Books and Databases

  • Most e-journals, e-books and databases are available on campus without special login, but require off-campus users to provide a valid Jefferson Campus Key to our PROXY SERVER.
  • You don't need to register, load software, or do anything else to access the proxy server. It responds automatically when you click on links on the site.
  • Just enter your Jefferson Campus Key and password when asked.
  • The proxy server will ask you to identify yourself only once during your work session, but if you close your browser and come back to work again later, you will be asked for your identification again.
  • If you try to visit a resource without following an SML link, you may not be recognized as a Jeffersonian. Use Scott Library's links for maximum access privileges.

If you have any questions about the status of materials or if you have problems with access from off campus, please contact the Service Desk at 215-503-6994 or ask a librarian.