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High Praise for Parenting for Emotional Growth

While reviewing the CD, Parenting for Emotional Growth, and watching the highly creative and inspiring video it contains touched me deeply in a number of ways: the affection, even love and happiness between the participants and staff, the way the parenting styles were free of racial tensions and arguments, e.g., listen and talk to your child, were striking. The rigorous research setting helped give an evidence base for this critically important parenting-optimizing work. I have followed the work of Henri Parens for many years, and know his findings to be truly cross-cultural, universal and above all else, practical. This remarkable series seem to me to have important applications in all school systems, and in this time of change could well be adopted by the federal government. As a researcher in school bullying and community violence, I see this work as an essential "hook" for students, our future parents, and for their parents who seem these days to be floundering in complex and often unhelpful information that does not foster well the integration of their child into this complex ever changing social system.

Stuart W. Twemlow, M.D.
Director, Peaceful Schools and Communities Project of the Child and Family Program,
The Menninger Clinic;
Professor of Psychiatry, Baylor College of Medicine;
Faculty, Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute


Parenting for Emotional Growth is one of the earliest social emotional learning programs for K-12 students. It is one of the most vital and creative efforts to support K-12 students understand one of the most important tasks in our life: understanding children and being a good parent or guardian. Parens and his colleagues have synthesized research and best practices from a variety of rich and important sources to support children understanding children and themselves!

Jonathan Cohen, Ph.D.
President, Center for Social and Emotional Education;
Adjunct Professor in Psychology and Education,
Teachers College, Columbia University


I recently obtained a copy of Parenting for Emotional Growth and was hugely impressed with its scope and content. This CD-Rom/DVD includes an age-appropriate curriculum for teaching parenting to children from Kindergarten through Grade 12, as well as offering workshops for care-givers of all kinds. The topics covered are invaluable for helping caregivers optimize the emotional development of their charges and prevent experience-derived emotional disorders in them, as well as for promoting children’s self-esteem and the development of a healthy conscience. The idea of teaching "parenting" to children of all ages in order to prepare them for this critical aspect of their future lives is extremely important. I cannot recommend this curriculum highly enough, as it incorporates a wealth of knowledge and research about optimizing child development and parenting.

Marie G. Rudden, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor, Weill Cornell School of Medicine; Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst, Berkshire Psychoanalytic Institute;
Chair, Committee for Psychoanalysis in the Community of the American Psychoanalytic Association

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Publication date: January 2010
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