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Overview - Workshops

PEG: Workshops Series for Parents and Other Caregivers
by H. Parens MD & Cecily Rose-Itkoff, MA, MFT

The Workshops, like the Lesson Plans, contain many opportunities for the participants and students to learn both didactically and experientially by direct, live observations. Questions and discussions, role-plays, interactional exercises, written and oral lessons and occasional games provide ample opportunity to experience the Workshops contents both intellectually and emotionally.

Workshop Instructors must be cognizant of ethnicity-specific mores and customs of Workshop participants; guidelines are provided to facilitate such ethnic considerations.

The PEG Workshops cover the following topics:

On the Development of Self and Human Relationships (8 Workshops)
On Aggression (10 Workshops)
On the Development of Conscience and Self Esteem (7 Workshops)
How Sexuality Develops — Handling it Constructively (8 Workshops)
Trauma — Workshops on How to Help Our Children Cope  
     Part I: Introductory workshops (2 Workshops)
     Part II: Traumas from Within the Family (4 Workshops)
     Part III: Traumas from Outside the Family (5 Workshops)
     Part IV: Workshops for Parents Who Were Traumatized (2 Workshops)

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