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Overview - Textbook

PEG: The Textbook
by H. Parens MD, E. Scattergood MA, A. Duff MSS, & W. Singletary MD

We define "growth-promoting parenting" as parenting that will optimize the child's inborn potential abilities to cope constructively with everything the child experiences. We have found that growth-promoting parenting can be greatly facilitated when the parent has not only a basic understanding of the complex nature of human development, but when she/he can apply this knowledge to optimizing her/his child's psychological-emotional development.

The Textbook, on which the Curriculum (Lesson Plans), Workshops, and Lines of Development are based, is highly detailed and is based in psychodynamic theories that address parenting issues pertinent to optimizing the child's psychological development, mental well-being, and abilities to adapt constructively. The presentation of materials is organized by the rationale that when parents know, understand, and can positively handle the child's evolving emotional and experiential needs and psychological developments, the parents' rearing strategies tend to better optimize their children's developmental potential than when such knowledge, understanding, and handling are lacking. It is exactly because this educational approach has been shown to bring about growth-promoting parenting that our aim is the institution of parenting education alongside "reading, writing, and arithmetic" in the primary and secondary education of every child. In addition, through the Workshops, we want to reach those who have already become parents as well as those who work with children in order to heighten their growth-promoting efforts toward optimizing their children's development.

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Publication date: January 2010
ISBN 0-9726910-0-6

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