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Overview - Lines of Development

PEG: Lines of Development (Based on PEG: The Textbook)
by H. Parens MD, E. Scattergood MA, A. Duff MSS, & W. Singletary MD)

In developing the Textbook, we planned to structure the units in such a way that the same issues, be it the development of self and relationships, of aggression, etc., would be addressed in the same sequence at the various stage levels of the child's development. Thus, in the Textbook, the issues will be ordered in the same sequence in all of the units.

While using the Textbook for classroom or workshop preparation or for individual study, some users have sought to follow one or another particular line of development through the length of its evolving from infancy through adolescence. To facilitate this user's task, we formatted the Textbook materials to accommodate this developmental view of the materials. We did this only for those lines that have been most focused on by Workshop leaders, teachers as well as parents.

The documents formatted for this purpose are:

  • Line of Development: Self and Human Relationships;
  • Line of Development: Intelligence;
  • Line of Development: Sexuality & Reproductive life;
  • Line of Development: Aggression.

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