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Overview - Curriculum

PEG: A Curriculum for Students in Grades K thru 12
by H. Parens MD, E. Scattergood MA, A. Duff MSS, & W. Singletary MD

It is a primary role of educators to prepare our youth to become socially responsible individuals. We prepare them to work at all levels and in all fields. Yet for child rearing, this most difficult and complex work we do, no formal training is required. We want to remedy this serious lack in the education of our young — its consequences to society are just too large.

The PEG Curriculum has 3 distinctive features:

  1. It addresses the mental health domain of parenting.
    We emphasize that we are talking about the emotional aspects of rearing 'the human child', whatever the child's race, ethnicity, or religion, because all human infants have the same basic emotional and psychological needs. This course of study for parenting consists of three sub-domains of study: (a) human emotional and behavior development; (b) strategies for optimizing the child's development; and (c) other pertinent parenthood issues.

  2. The curriculum materials extend from the kindergarten level through 12th grade.
    In a unique collaboration between mental health and education professionals, some of these materials are now developed into a pyramid of grade-appropriate courses to span grade levels K through 12. Individual educators and schools can further develop these materials as best suits their specific student population. We believe that best results will be achieved in communities where educators and mental health professionals continue to collaborate to achieve prevention-optimal materials.

  3. This is a laboratory type curriculum.
    As in a biology or physics course, the students are exposed to live materials, actual and specific child-parent observations, and interactional activities in the classroom as well as in outside assignments. Audio-visual materials are used secondarily to supplement live observations.

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Publication date: January 2010
ISBN 0-9726910-0-6

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