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Parenting for Emotional Growth is based on a multi-disciplinary research project conducted between 1970 and 2007. * This intensive study of a group of mothers and their children over thirty-seven years led to the development of the materials included on this CD. Designed for parents, caregivers, educators, and mental health professionals, these documents are constructed to spell out in substantial detail how to optimize a child's emotional development and health.

The CD includes:

  • The Textbook - Explores the psychodynamic theories that address parenting issues pertinent to optimizing the child's psychological development, mental well-being, and abilities to adapt constructively.
  • Curriculum for Students in Grades K thru 12 - In a unique collaboration between mental health and education professionals, these materials are developed into a pyramid of grade-appropriate courses to span grade levels K through 12.
  • Workshop Series for Parents and Other Caregivers - More than 40 workshops containing questions and discussions, role-plays, interactional exercises, written and oral lessons, and occasional games to provide opportunities for participants to experience the content both intellectually and emotionally.
  • Lines of Development - Topics from the textbook are presented in a format designed to provide a perspective on specific major developmental lines such as aggression, self and human relationships, sexuality, and conscience formation.
  • The Urgent Need for Universal Parenting Education - A video overview of the research project which led to the development of the documents presented in this CD. It includes footage and observations from the participants and the investigators recorded over the thirty-seven years of the project.

*by the staff of The Early Child Development Program, formerly from the Department of Psychiatry, The Medical College of Pennsylvania at The Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, Philadelphia, PA.

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Publication date: January 2010
ISBN 0-9726910-0-6

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