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New Guide to Academic Technologies at Jefferson

The array Design, Build and Deliver Your Courses of educational technologies available at Jefferson can be bewildering, whether planning an entire course or just one professional presentation – where do you turn for training and support?

Download your copy of the new guide to academic technologies:  “Design, Build and Deliver Your Courses,” so you’ll know what’s available, where to get it, and who can help you use it.  Contents include:

Design/Plan Your Course or Presentation

  • Instructional Design
  • Order Your Materials
  • Graphics, Photography & Video Services

Build Your Course or Presentation

  • Learning Management System
  • Assessment for Traditional, Blended & Online Courses
  • Classroom Lecture Archiving System

Deliver Your Course or Presentation

  • Teaching Support Services:  You are Never Alone
  • Computer Classrooms on Campus
  • Distance Learning:  Videoteleconferencing, Streaming & Virtual Classrooms


Download your copy now.

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