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Since 2000

SKMC Office of Continuing Medical Education

Jefferson Electronic Transcripts & Certificates allows physicians and other participants of JMC-CME accredited programs to receive their transcripts and/or certificates online. Below are a few points to note regarding :

  • Transcripts/Certificates are only available for JMC-CME accredited programs completed after July 1, 2003.

  • If does not recognize your WEB-ID (last name + last 4 digits of SS#) then you will need to establish a WEB-ID. In order to insure that you receive all of the credits you have earned, please utilize the same WEB-ID for all registration information. This sytems works by matching registration information by using the Web ID as a unique identifier. We suggest use of the last four digits of your SS# or a number you will easily remember.

  • A transcript is a list of all JMC-CME accredited programs in which you have participated. A certificate is specific to an individual activity.

  • provides physicians with CME Certificates. All other participants receive Certificates of Attendance. If you have any questions regarding your certificate, please contact JMC-CME directly at 1-888-JEFF-CME or

  • Please be aware that attendance information is not always immediately available to the Office of CME and that transcripts/certificates will not always be available immediately following an activity. For special needs, please contact JMC-CME directly at 1-888-JEFF-CME or

  • What Physicians' Should know About the AMA PRA Credit System

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