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TJU Student Research Resources

Why do research as a student?

Health care delivery is a dynamic scientific profession -- research is used to constantly update and improve the way we treat patients.  Research is a scholarly or scientific investigation that is used to discover the answer to a question and serves as the basis for the discovery of information. While a student, involvement in research allows you to:

  • Participate in the excitement of medical discovery
  • Contribute to the advancement of the medical sciences
  • Enhance your scientific background and area of interests
  • Advance your future career opportunities
  • Improve your qualifications as a health care provider and your attractiveness to residency programs and other higher education programs
  • Receive financial rewards

Intramural Student Research Programs
Thomas Jefferson University hosts a variety of established research programs through each of its colleges:

In addition, the Jefferson chapter of Sigma Xi, a scientific research society, sponsors an annual research day where undergraduate and graduate students can present their research projects.

Extramural Student Research Funding
Research funding is available for many student research projects. These funds may provide a stipend and/or may pay for research costs such as supplies and travel.