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Library Collection Development Policy

Levels of Coverage

The Library applies four levels of coverage of subject areas within the scope of its collection of books, journals and databases. These levels of coverage are:

Comprehensive: a wide selection of resources published in the English language. This level supports subjects represented by curricular, patient care and research programs including the University's centers of excellence. Older material is retained for historical research. A subject collection at this level supports doctoral and other original research.

Representative: a selective number of monographs, journals, databases and reference works, and some specialized texts in subjects related to but not represented by curricular, patient care, and research programs. Some examples are the areas of dentistry, history of medicine and social work.

Instructional Support: a highly selective, small, chiefly monographic collection adequate to support subjects related to courses offered in the JCHP Department of General Studies.

Basic: a highly selective, small number of monographs related to peripheral subjects or subjects with a demonstrated low demand like business administration, finance, history, literature, religion and foreign languages.

Adopted: November 2005