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Library Collection Development Policy


The Library welcomes gifts of health sciences books within its collecting areas however it must be selective due to space constraints. Donors are requested to provide a list of titles with author and date of publication information for evaluation to prevent duplication of existing titles. If non pre-approved items are brought to the Library, they may be discarded or sold at the Library's discretion. Journal issues or volumes are not accepted unless they fill gaps in the collection. Older non-historic materials and those offered with special provisions are accepted only when the gift is of an unusually outstanding nature.

Gifts are added to the collection according to the same criteria used for purchased material; material not added is offered, depending on its nature, to Jefferson's affiliated hospital's libraries or back-issue dealers (in exchange for credit). Gifts of money to purchase materials are acceptable and encouraged, especially as a memorial or for enhancing the collection in a designated specialty area.

A letter by the Director of Collection Management, the University Librarian or The Jefferson Foundation acknowledges all gifts from individuals. Unsolicited gifts from government agencies, corporations and other groups are not acknowledged.

The Library does not provide tax receipts or appraisals of donated material.


Adopted: November 2005