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Improving the quality of services for families and their children with special needs in the communities in which they live.

Sensory Integration

Sensory integration theory and intervention have been topics of interest among occupational and physical therapists, teachers and families. Articles concerning the outcomes of sensory integration intervention with children, published in peer-reviewed professional journals from 1990-2002, were reviewed. Specific information from each article was extracted in order to summarize the article's critical points and report its results. Findings from 42 reviewed articles are reported, each in a separate table that's posted on this website. This collection includes 12 review articles, 2 meta-analysis, 13 randomized control trials, 1 non-randomized study, 1 follow-up study, 5 single subject designs and 8 reports of non-empirical designs.

What Can You Learn from the Tables

  • Review the tables to learn about research studies in sensory integration. You can become familiar with the types of questions that have been raised by reading each study's purpose and question.
  • Review the summaries for a brief overview of the study's intent, procedures and results. This can help you decide which articles are of interest in relation to your own specific practice questions. You can then locate copies of the full articles from your own journal collection, from a library or from colleagues and read them for further details.
  • Compare procedures and results of different studies.
  • Gather ideas about the contents of different intervention protocols that therapists may use when providing services based on sensory integration theory.
  • Begin to learn about how you may articulate specific practice questions related to the use of sensory integration perspectives to guide the interventions to enable a child's participation in valued activities and routines.
  • Begin to learn about how you may document and measure the results of the interventions you provide to enhance a child's performance.
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View the summary tables of all 42 articles related to sensory integration.

Search for specific articles using the search feature

Use the search feature on this website to locate an article that pertains to something of particular interest to you. For example, type "autism" in the search box and you will be directed to the articles in this collection that relate to the outcomes of sensory integration intervention with children with autism. If you're looking for studies about the effect of sensory integration approaches on children's language, type “language skills.” Here are some other suggestions:

  • View the articles of a specific author by typing the author's last name into the search box to retrieve any summaries that include the author's name.
  • If you want to find any articles in this collection that were included in a particular publication, type that journal's name in the search box.
  • If you have a specific article title in mind, or a portion of the title, type those words into the search box to see if the article is included in this database.
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