Child and Family Studies Research Programs

CFSRP is a part of the Occupational Therapy Department, College of Health Professions, at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia, PA 19107
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Improving the quality of services for families and their children with special needs in the communities in which they live.

Child Care

Early Childhood Inclusion

We have implemented a series of research and professional development activities with inner city child caregivers (Campbell, Milbourne, & Silverman, 2002a; 2002b). These externally-funded research and training activities resulted in the establishment of the Philadelphia Inclusion Network (PIN) which offered a series of training programs and modules for child caregivers in family day care (family homes) and center-based settings and a number of research-based publications (Campbell, Milbourne, & Silverman, 2001, Campbell & Milbourne, 2005) about professional development.

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