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When can I take a tour of the Scott Memorial Library?

How can I get withdrawn copies of ACOG bulletins and opinions?

Where are the books?

Where do you keep the course reserves?

Where can I send a fax?

I need live, in-person help with email or other computer programs. I need someone to stand beside me and guide me through the steps. Where can I go for help?

How can I find out a journal's impact factor?

Are there student lockers? Where can I stash my stuff?

Where can I view a VHS tape? Do you have a VCR?

May I reserve a study carrel or other study space?

Is there a list of peer reviewed journals on the web?

I'd like to donate some books to the library. Whom should I contact?

What is the group code for RefWorks and Write-N-Cite?

Can I make double-sided copies with the Library photocopiers?

Where can I print from the computers and how much does it cost?

How do I make photocopies and how much do they cost?

What if I forget my password?

Does the library have any available meeting rooms?

Are there group study rooms?

How do I find journal articles about my subject?

How do I obtain full text articles?

How do I get into the JAH Computer Classroom?

I'm a Jefferson faculty member. How do I add my course to Blackboard?

Is any special quiet study space available?

Who may use Scott Memorial Library?

What is the cylindrical sculpture in front of the library?

How do I place a hold on a book that is checked out by someone else?

Where can I find audiovisual materials, software or study models to use or borrow?

May I eat or drink anywhere in the library?

I work at an affiliated institution. What are my privileges at Scott Memorial Library?

Where can I make color prints or copies?

How do I log into the student wireless network?

How do I get into the Summer Undergraduate Research Program?

I'm enrolled in a course on Blackboard, but it's empty. What do I do now?

I'm supposed to be in a class but I do not see the class on Blackboard under my Courses tab.

Are some databases better to use than others?

Whom do I contact for assistance with the Blackboard entry for a course I'm teaching (i.e., loading content, troubleshooting a problem, etc)?

How do I correct the publications on my department's faculty profile page?

My citation shows the abbreviated journal name; how do I find out the journal's full name

My citation is incomplete; how can I get additional information on the publication?

Where can I find handouts and tutorials to help with database searching?

How do I create an Organization in Blackboard?

Who do I contact for assistance with my course (i.e. accessing content, troubleshooting a problem, etc)?

How can I access the IRB's Human Research Subject (HRS) or HIPAA training modules?

I'm trying to create a bibliography in RefWorks, and keep getting error messages. What's wrong?

I'm leaving Jefferson -- how can I keep my RefWorks citations?

Can I get an Internet account from TJU?

Can I have Jefferson library be a proctor for taking my exam?

What is an Interdepartmental Transfer Code ?

What student organizations are active on campus?

How do I find a Jefferson doctor?

May I check out journals?

How do I check out books or other materials? Can I renew them?

How can I become involved in a clinical trial at TJU?

Who may use Scott Memorial Library's full-text resources? Do I need a special password?

My email account name is spelled incorrectly or is about to change. My password doesn't seem to work. Who can help?

Where may I read my email on campus?

Where can I find statistics?

Where are the journals?

Occasionally I can't access an electronic journal. I get a message that all of the subscriptions are in use. Why?

My off-campus network's firewall prevents me from accessing Scott Library resources. How can I get in?

What if I just want to read a journal from cover to cover? Can I do that online?

Where can I find residency and fellowship information for TJU and TJU Hospital programs?

I saw a news item about a Jefferson doctor. How do I contact him or her?

Can I pay by credit card?

Do you have dissertations/theses of Jefferson graduates? How do I find them?

How do I get a copy of my medical records?

Does the library do database searches for people?

What if I want to use a database Jefferson doesn't own?

What journals does Jefferson provide electronically?

Are there any departmental libraries on campus?

What databases does Jefferson provide?

Where can I purchase software produced by Thomas Jefferson University?

May my spouse or domestic partner use the library?

Why isn't my course listed on Blackboard?

How do I get an email account?

I need to read an article in a foreign language. How can I get it translated?

How can I move text from a PDF file into another program?

I've located a course I'm teaching in Blackboard, but it's empty. What do I do now?

What software is available on the Library's computers?

Can I make enlargements, reductions, or odd-size copies?

How can I access things like the hosptial intranet and the online telephone book from the ARN (library) network?

Can I get some help with my paper?

If the Library or Learning Resources Center doesn't have what I want, how can I recommend a purchase?

What are the fines if I keep materials too long? Do you really collect them?

Where is the library?

When is the library open?

Where is Jefferson and how do I get there?

Where do I submit the students' grades?

How can I get into HealthStream at the library?

Where is the University Bookstore, and when is it open?

Is there a book drop?

How do I enroll/unenroll students?

Where can I find help using RefWorks and Write-N-Cite?

My ancestor attended Jefferson - what can you tell me about him or her?

I'm a JMC student who needs to know my JeffChart Password. How do I find it?

What books does Jefferson provide electronically?

Is there a notary at TJU/H?

Do you have a shredder?

Do alumni have library privileges?

When I go to an electronic journal's Web site, I can access the full text for some of the volumes listed, but not all. Why not?

The library doesn't have what I need. How can I get it?

An item listed in the catalog as on the shelf is actually missing from the shelf. What can I do to find it?

Can I get into any of the full text from home?

Is UpToDate available at the Library?

Do you have newspapers?

Does the library offer any classes on how to do research or use library tools?

Can I limit my searches to just the journals the library has?

Are there any differences between a print journal and an electronic one?

Are old medical school yearbooks in the library?

Is there a student directory?

May I bring guests to the library?

May I download application materials for admission?

How do I email my classmates?

How do I email my students?

Can I get all the articles from my MEDLINE search online?

What is the difference between my JeffMail email login and my email address?

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