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Can I get all the articles from my MEDLINE search online?

You can usually get many articles from MEDLINE online, but rarely can you get all of them.

All of the bibliographic databases the library provides describe the literature of a field, whether or not that literature is owned at Jefferson. For example, MEDLINE indexes over 5400 journals, and that is just a single database. Overall, the databases at Scott Library easily cover over 10,000 different journal titles. The library subscribes to about 5,000 in electronic form.

While it can be frustrating to realize that the perfect article for your topic isn't available online, it is still important for research purposes to be able to see citations to ALL of the literature in a discipline, even foreign language materials.

Interlibrary Loan services (fee may apply) are available to obtain the items we don't own. Use the "Journals A-Z" list to determine what Scott Library owns.

In some cases, it may be appropriate for you to limit your search to only those materials the library owns. This feature is available in PubMed.

Feel free to suggest a title for the library to add to its collection - we even provide an online request form.

Journals A-Z list
Use PubMed so you can limit your searches to library holdings.
Order materials through Document Delivery.
Recommend a journal the library should purchase.

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