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Transparent Woman

Artist: Sharon Hildebrand

Hygeia, November 1936 & June 1937
Box made from paper, board, LED lights, and Vivak containing assorted ephemera and a tunnel book made from Vivak and transparencies

In 1936 American industrialist S. H. Camp, founder of Camp Scientific Corsets, commissioned the first Woman of Glass. Franz and Fritz Tschakert, preparators for the Dresden Hygiene Museum, made the Transparent Woman. The Tschakerts modeled figures around a statistically average human skeleton and positioned them in an orant pose. The shell of the body was made from Cellon, an early plastic. Transparent Woman was first exhibited at the Museum of Science in New York. A nationwide tour followed where a physician who presented educational programs accompanied her. Over twenty million people viewed her by 1950 and she became the cornerstone of Camp Scientific Corsets' advertising campaigns.