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Artist: Amanda Bock

Hygeia, 1936-1937
52 quackery trading cards excerpted from the book Nostrums, Quackery & Pseudo-Medicine (vols. 1-3), housed in "J.B.L. (Joy-Beauty-Life) Cascade" rectal enema box

"The story of quackery is a series of bizarre pictures. Whenever a new discovery is made in any field of science, some inspired charlatan is ready to adapt it for personal gain. The charlatan is known by his appearance & by the bombastic claims that he makes concerning his ability to heal disease. Usually he acquires & holds his patients by his personality. He has a good deal of what they call "It" in Hollywood. He is likely to be a tall, commanding figure with long flowing hair. There are few bald-headed charlatans. The charlatan is likely to have after his name a long alphabetical appendage, indicating a degree of knowledge that he does not possess and that was never conferred on him by any university." (Morris Fishbein, "Quacks and Quackery" Hygeia, July 1936)