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The John Scott Medal

The John Scott Medal.

The John Scott Medal

The City of Philadelphia awarded the John Scott Medal to John H. Gibbon, Jr., MD on 18 September 1953 for his development and successful use of a heart-lung apparatus for open-heart surgery. This first successful operation occurred on 6 May 1953 when Gibbon performed an open cardiotomy to repair a congenital interatrial septal defect. For 26 minutes, the heart-lung machine completely supported all of the patient’s respiratory and circulatory functions.

A 1927 graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Gibbon received his AB from Princeton University in 1923. As a member of the faculty at Jefferson Medical College, he held the positions of Professor of Surgery and Director of the Department of Surgery (1946-1956) and was the Samuel D. Gross Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery (1946-1967).

This medal is an example of the objects preserved in the Memorabilia Collection of the University Archives and Special Collections.