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Founders' Medal of the American Physiological Society

The Founders’ Medal of the American Physiological Society.

Founders’ Medal

The Founders’ Medal of the American Physiological Society, was created on the occasion of the Society’s centennial in 1987.

Jefferson Medical College boasts two important connections to the field of American physiology:

1) Robley Dunglison, MD, formerly physician to President Thomas Jefferson and later Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence at Jefferson Medical College, 1836-1868, is generally hailed as the "Father of American Physiology."

2) S. Weir Mitchell, MD, a graduate of the Class of 1850, was one of the founders and leading lights of the American Physiological Society, as is evident by the central position his portrait occupies on the face of the centennial medal.

Jefferson Medical College's importance to the founding of the APS is further demonstrated by its hosting the first annual meeting of the society on 29 December 1888.

The Founders’ Medal is an example of the objects preserved in the Memorabilia Collection of the University Archives and Special Collections.