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A Brief History of Thomas Jefferson University

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Granting of the charter to Thomas Jefferson University, 1969

Granting of the charter to Thomas Jefferson University, City Hall, Philadelphia, PA, 20 May 1969. (Art/Photo Collection, C16-005)

Becoming a University

The formation of the School of Allied Health Sciences in 1966 began a move toward the integration of other health professions into the Jefferson curriculum. However, Jefferson's past already included a long association with clinical and scientific research as well as nursing.

  • In 1891, Jefferson created the Jefferson Hospital Training School for Nurses.
  • By 1949, Jefferson Medical College included advanced degrees in anatomy, bacteriology, immunology, etc in its curricurilum.
  • Both of these activities laid the foundation for the creation of Thomas Jefferson University in 1969.

The new charter established the University and its component parts: Jefferson Medical College, the College of Allied Health Sciences (now the College of Health Professions), the College of Graduate Studies, and Jefferson Medical College Hospital.