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Mercy Hospital and School for Nurses

Philadelphia’s second "Negro hospital" was co-founded by Jeffersonians Dr. Henry Minton and Dr. Algernon Jackson in 1907 at 17th and Fitzwater Streets. In 1919 the hospital moved to a larger structure, formerly an Episcopal Divinity School at 50th Street and Woodlawn Avenue, and operated there until 1948.

In 1948, Mercy Hospital merged with the city’s first hospital for African Americans, Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital and School for Nurses (founded in 1895 by the University of Pennsylvania's first black medical school graduate, Dr. Nathan F. Mossell) to form Mercy-Douglass. Soon afterward the combined hospital built a new and fully modern facility. Through much of its existence this institution was largely funded by the community it served, until its closing in 1973.

Mercy Hospital
Mercy Hospital (later Mercy-Douglass)
Mercy Hospital was housed in this structure from 1919-1948 and was located in West Philadelphia.
A modern nine-story building replaced it in 1955.