Using Blackboard “Adaptive Release” Functions: 12:15 Tech Talk on February 25th

Join us for the next 12:15 Tech Talk, part of a series of 30-minute talks by faculty members sharing technical tips and solutions. You’re welcome to bring your lunch and beverages will be provided.

12:15 Tech TalksWhen: Monday, February 25, 2013, from 12:15 to 12:45

Where: Scott Library, Room 200B

Topic: Using Blackboard “Adaptive Release” Functions to Enhance Online Learning and Teaching

Speaker: Juan Leon, Ph.D

 When used judiciously, Blackboard’s “Adaptive Release” functions help instructors communicate more efficiently with their students, better manage the online environment, and provide more personalized instruction in less time. During this talk we will look at how adding adaptive release rules to your Blackboard course allows you to display content to students only when specific conditions have been met–conditions based upon who they are (their user names), their group memberships, the submission status of their assignments, or their test results. We will also look at uses for rules based on calendar dates and on the “reviewed/unreviewed” status of specific course content items.

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