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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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CTL and SML Departmental & Staff Directory

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson is an Assistant Director of Learning Resources, with responsibility for management of the LR facilities in the Scott building and Jefferson Alumni Hall.

Interests & Expertise

Kevin rates customer support as "Job #1" and works closely with the Jefferson IT department to resolve issues dealing with technology. One of Kevin’s primary responsibilities is assigning projects and various duties to the LR Technicians. Kevin participates in the Learning Resources consulting service. Contact him for assistance with:

  • scheduling one of the electronic classrooms,
  • PC requirements,
  • scanning,
  • video editing, or
  • the use of Adobe Photoshop software.

Background & Training

Kevin has had his hands on technology at Jefferson for over 15 years as he witnessed the change from the Library’s AV Center to computer classrooms and labs. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Century University (New Mexico).

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Jefferson Alumni Hall
1020 Locust Street,
Room M-13A&B
Philadelphia, PA 19107