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SMART Podium (Sympodium) for Instructional Support

AISR's SMART Podium (also known as Sympodium) is an interactive computer display and tablet that allows an instructor to annotate or highlight parts of a projected page. The annotations can be saved as part of the presentation, if desired.

Presenters may write over slides in digital ink, save notes, access any website or multimedia file and project work onto a large screen to give students a more interactive experience. Presenters may use it in conjunction with familiar Word, Excel, PowerPoint and web browsers.

When your presentation is being recorded for course archives, you may use the interactive pen instead of a laser pointer, so your special highlights get recorded along with the lecture

How does it work?

The SMART Podium is an interactive tablet for cursor movement capture. It uses SMART Board software to write and highlight notes over any computer application during presentations and lessons. SMART Notebook software, bundled with the interactive tablet, allows you to prepare materials for presentation in advance.

SMART Notebook, bundled with the interactive tablet, is also available to create dynamic interactive lessons, using images, multimedia and themes. While the Notebook software is available in all SMART Podium locations, you will find personal support is available from AISR Learning Resources Staff, Scott 2nd floor.

Where is it available?

The Podium is available to all Jeffersonians in Jefferson classrooms:

College Building
    203 College
    205 College
    Foerderer Auditorium
    Herbut Auditorium

Curtis Building
    218 Curtis

Hamilton Building
    505 Hamilton
    Connelly Auditorium

    Jefferson Alumni Hall
    M13 JAH (LRC)
    207 JAH
    307 JAH
    311 JAH
    407 JAH
    509 JAH
    Brent Auditorium

Scott Library
    306 Scott
    307 Scott
    Available for individual installation

A "floating" unit is available for use with laptops in rooms where a permanent tablet is not installed. If requested, Medical Media Services will make it available and install the software on your computer for a limited period of time so you can practice or prepare your teaching materials at your convenience.

Do I need to make a special reservation?

The rooms where the interactive tablet is installed don’t require any reservations or arrangements beyond your normal room reservation. It is always available if you choose to use it. Only the "floater" needs to be specifically reserved in advance.

However, please DO note in your classroom reservation request if you wish to use a project your Smart Board work for class demonstration. The classroom projectors require AV support.

If you would like a demonstration, just contact the Learning Resources staff (215-503-8407 or, or ask a Medical Media Services AV technician (215-503-7841).

The SMART Technologies company website offers and demonstration videos about possible uses of the software.

For more information, please contact the AISR Learning Resources Division at 215-503-8407 or Medical Media Services at 215-503-7841.

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