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Learning Resources Computer Use Policy

Computers in AISR’s Learning Resources classrooms are connected to the TJU Academic and Research Network (ARN1). All computers require user authentication using a Jefferson Campus Key (assigned by Jeff-IT). Workshop participants who do not have Campus Keys will be issued guest passes by Learning Resources staff. Members of the public are not permitted to use the classroom computers.

Once authenticated, users have full, unrestricted access to:

  • Internet sites and Web searching;
  • Email (JeffMail, OpenMail, and Web-based email services on the Internet);
  • Jefferson courseware;
  • Software applications for computer-based learning, informatics, clinical decision-making, graduate medical education, statistics, graphic/text scanning, and word processing.

Jefferson has an official policy about the use of computers, email, and other forms of electronic communication, which applies to all students, faculty and staff. Please read the policy so you will be aware of your rights and obligations as a computer user. (Note: The policy is only viewable from computers on the campus network. If you are off campus, log onto Pulse and choose the link to University Policies.)

When not reserved for a class, most Learning Resources computers are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.