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  • Name: Clinical Simulations in Maternity Nursing
    Platform(s): Windows
    Description: Detailed tutorials and simulations about maternity nursing in an interactive format that promotes self-paced learning and review. Features a question and answer approach with rationales for right and wrong answers to help nursing students prepare and practice for the NCLEX® as well as aid practicing nurses in preparing for certification exams or in cross-training
    Categories: Nursing
    Tags: CAI, NCLEX,
    Scott, Room 307
    JAH LRC, Suite M-13

  • Name: NCLEX RN 4000
    Platform(s): Windows
    Description: This comprehensive NCLEX® review program is designed for individual student NCLEX® review. The popular NCLEX® 4000 study software provides more than 4,000 NCLEX®-quality review questions covering all 29 topics in five major content areas, including fundamentals, pediatrics, psychiatric-mental health, maternal-neonatal, and medical-surgical nursing. The software delivers NCLEX®-style multiple-choice questions and alternate-format questions. Three study modes-pretest, review, and test-give correct and incorrect answers with rationales and new supporting references. NCLEX® 4000 includes important questions on prioritizing and delegation, a key topic on the NCLEX® exam. Updated to reflect the National Council of State Boards of Nursing's latest test plan, including all forms of alternate-format questions.
    Categories: Nursing
    Tags: CAI, Nursing
    Scott, Room 307
    Scott, public Windows computers
    JAH LRC, Suite M-13

  • Name: Patient Encounter
    Platform(s): Windows
    Description: The Patient Encounter is designed to teach users to take a patient history and conduct a physical examination. Separate modules cover adult and infant patients. Commentary from professionals and fellow students available.
    Tags: history, physical, examination, nursing
    Scott, Room 307

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