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Office 2003 TurningPoint How To...

Note: Launch TurningPoint before opening your PowerPoint file. If you do not see the toolbar below, close all instances of PowerPoint and open TurningPoint before proceeding.

TurningPoint Toolbar

Create an interactive slide

  1. Click the Insert Slide drop down menu on the TurningPoint Toolbar (see above).
  2. Select the graph type that best suits your question and responses.
  3. Click directly on the slide to add your text.
    • Enter your question into the text box entitled "Enter Question text..."
    • Enter correct and incorrect responses into the text box entitled "Enter answer text..." Press Enter after each potential response. Each response requires a unique identifier which TurningPoint will generate.
Note: TurningPoint is a PowerPoint plug-in and therefore PowerPoint functionality is not changed. All edits, including formatting edits of TurningPoint graphs, are executed using the same commands.

Convert existing PowerPoint slides to Turning Point polling slides

  1. Select the slides to be converted by clicking on the slide thumbnail in the left side navigation area. Select multiple slides using the Shift + Enter (for consecutive slides) or Ctrl + Enter (for non-consecutive slides) keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Click the Insert Slide drop down menu on the TurningPoint Toolbar.
  3. Select the graph type that best suits your question and responses.
Note: The text must be placed in PowerPoint generated text boxes for TurningPoint to recognize the stem and responses. More specifically, use the Title and Text slide layout (pictured), placing the question stem in the title area and the responses in the main textbox.

Create a Picture Slide
N.B. A Picture Slide contains multiple images as the responses. A slide that contains a question about a single image with text responses is not a Picture Slide.

  1. Create your question in TurningPoint. Be sure to include the response text since TurningPoint will use this text to label the polling graph.
  2. Use the Insert, Picture, From File (in PowerPoint) command to insert your images that will become the responses. Be sure to place your images in the correct order either horizontally or vertically.
  3. Click the Convert to Picture icon on the TurningPoint toolbar. TurningPoint will automatically replace your text with the images.
Note: There is animation associated with the correct answer indicator. This may be modified using PowerPoint’s custom animation features.

Indicate, then display, the correct answer

  1. Select the correct answer from your list of responses.
  2. Using the right mouse button, click over the selection.
  3. Choose Set as Correct from the menu.
  4. Click Insert Object, Correct Answer Indicator and choose from the various types: star, arrow, checkmark...
Note: There is animation associated with the correct answer indicator. This may be modified using PowerPoint's custom animation features.

Simulate a polling session

  1. Select Response Devices, Simulated Data on the TurningPoint Toolbar. The software will now simulate responses during the Slide Show mode. By default, the number of responses simulated is five (5).
  2. Use the PowerPoint controls to view the slide show. TurningPoint creates animations for your interactive slide components so you must left click your mouse to advance text and reminders (response tables, countdowns, etc).
  3. After polling concludes for that slide, advance (by left-clicking your mouse) in PowerPoint and your graph appears revealing the audience's response results.
  4. Advance to your next slide or press Esc key to quit show.
Reset a polling session
Whether you tested your session by simulating or actually polled a group, you'll have to reset your presentation.

  1. Click on Reset, Session
  2. If you have not already saved your session data, TurningPoint will prompt you to save it now.

Deliver your presentation

  1. Open TurningPoint first then open your interactive presentation.
  2. Be sure that Response Devices is selected in the drop down box on the TurningPoint Toolbar.
  3. Reset your session by clicking Reset, Session on the TurningPoint Toolbar.
  4. If you are using an Infrared Receiver, make sure you have a clear line of sight between the keypads and the receiver.
  5. Use the PowerPoint controls to launch your presentation in the Slide Show mode and advance as usual.
  6. When an interactive slide is loaded, polling is open until you move forward (left mouse, right arrow). The next advance will display your polling results. If you have indicated a correct answer, you'll need to advance the show one more step.

Save data

  1. After completing your session, press the Save Session icon on the TurningPoint tool bar. The TurningPoint - Save Session dialog box will open. By default TurningPoint will create a file name that date and time stamps your current polling session. Use this name or rename as desired.
  2. Click the OK button.
Note: The session will be saved to the presentation machine by default. If you are not using your own computer, be sure to change the location to your removable drive.

Generate a report

  1. On the TurningPoint toolbar, click Tools, Reports. This will launch the Reports window. By default, the Sessions tab displays. Select the appropriate session.
  2. Next, click the Reports tab. Select the appropriate report type.

  1. Click Generate Report. The report is generated in MS Excel.
  2. Print and/or save the report using the Excel features.

Modify text for import to PowerPoint
Be sure to remove all numbering (automated or not) since TurningPoint will generate its own numbering. remove all number formatting

  1. Select the question and response text (Ctrl A to select all)
  2. Click Format, Bullets and Numbering... The Bullets and Numbering window appears.
  3. Select None under the Numbering tab. Click the OK button.

...using MS Word

  1. Use your mouse to select question stem text. Use the Style dropdown menu to apply the Heading 1 style to the question text.
  2. Use your mouse to select response. Use the Style dropdown menu to apply the Heading 2 style to the responses.
  3. To change the remaining questions, repeat or use the Format Painter to apply the Heading 1 and Heading 2 styles.
    1. To use the Format Painter, select the text with the desired formatting.
    2. Click the Format Painter icon. The cursor will look like a paintbrush when moved over your document.
    3. Use the mouse to select the text to be changed. Once selected, this text will automatically be updated to the desired formatting.

Modify text for import to PowerPoint
...using Notepad

  1. Be sure to remove any spacing before the question text since the question stem text must be aligned with the left margin.
  2. The polling responses should have a single Tab between the left margin and the text. Be sure to remove any spacing that precedes the responses and insert a single Tab.
  3. Save the file using the default setting in Notepad.

Importing text into PowerPoint

  1. Be sure to close the file you wish to import. Most software cannot access a file that is already open.
  2. Launch the TurningPoint software.
  3. Select File Open... The Open dialog box appears.

  1. Using the dropdown, change from All PowerPoint Presentations to All Files (the first option).
  2. Browse for your text file and click the Open button.
  3. The text will be imported and the newly-created slides should be reviewed for accuracy. If the formatting was correct in the text file, the title text box will contain the question and the responses are in the bulleted text box. If adjustments need to be made, return to the text file, make the necessary corrections and re-import.