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Bylaws of the Jefferson Medical Student Professional Conduct Committee (Student PCC)

Article I.

The Student Professional Conduct Committee deals confidentially with all matters of professionalism pertaining to students brought to its attention. Problems are to be handled in a similar fashion to that used for the impaired physician, with the goal for students and faculty of assistance rather than judgment of the individual student. Thus, the Student PCC is not a disciplinary body and does not function as such. If the Student PCC determines that a violation of student rights, freedoms and responsibilities (as defined in the Student Handbook) may be present, the matter will be referred as delineated therein.

It is preferable that all matters of professionalism pertaining to students first be routed through the Student PCC with the clear understanding that any possible serious misconduct shall be referred promptly to the Office of Student Affairs or Judicial Board on student conduct for appropriate investigation and action. Although it is understood that students, faculty, and administration have the right to proceed directly to the Office of Student Affairs, it is hoped that the Student PCC will be utilized as an initial step for problems relating to students.

Article II. Membership

Section I. Composition of the Student PCC

The Student PCC will consist of five students from each matriculating class.

Section II. First Year Selections

Five first-year members will be selected, through interviews in September, by the current student PCC members. These selected members will serve until elections are held as outlined in Article II, Section III.

Section III. Elections

Election of students to the PCC will occur by the end of March of the first year. The ballot will be composed of those students who wish to be on it and who have submitted a statement of interest, to be included on the ballot, by a deadline determined by the PCC. Elections will be carried out electronically or by comparable means. Each student of the first year class will have a maximum of five votes. The five candidates receiving the most votes will become elected members of the PCC. In the event of a tie, a run off vote will be conducted. Elected members will serve as representatives of their class until they graduate. Five members will be chosen and electronic election records will be maintained. If a representative of a class leaves Jefferson permanently or is removed from the PCC, the PCC will appoint another student from the class that elected the departing representative.

Section IV. Leadership

The PCC will be lead by a Steering Committee consisting of the second-year PCC members. One person within that steering committee shall act as the Chairperson of the PCC.

Section IV. A. Responsibilities of the Chairperson

Responsibilities of the chairperson will include the following:
  1. Organize, set the agenda for, and facilitate meetings.
  2. Act as a point of contact for external inquiries to the PCC.

Section IV. B. Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

Responsibilities of the steering committee will include the following:
  1. Maintain communication with the faculty advisor
  2. Maintain communication with the deanís office
  3. Maintain the website of the PCC
  4. Provide a representative to the Faculty PCC
  5. Provide a representative to the Professionalism Task Force
  6. Provide a representative to the Committee on Professionalism
  7. Organize first-year professionalism orientation
  8. Organize first-year PCC applications and appointments
  9. Organize first-year elections
  10. Identify a steering committee member to take minutes at meetings and provide those minutes to the membership
  11. Identify a steering committee member to handle the finances of the committee
  12. Identify a member of the PCC (not necessarily on the steering committee) to maintain the archives of the PCC

Section IV. C.

Should the steering committee members choose to organize themselves differently than provided for above, they must ensure that all of the above duties are addressed.

Section V. Removal of a Member

If any member of the Student PCC is found to be guilty of unprofessional behavior by an administrative body (including, but not limited to the Judicial Board, Course Coordinators, Clerkship Directors, and Deans of the Medical School), they may be removed from the PCC as outlined below.

If any member of the Student PCC feels that another member has committed an act unbecoming of a member of the Student PCC, the student in question may be removed from the PCC as outlined below.

Removal will be by a 2/3 vote of the full elected membership, with the votes collected anonymously by one of the first-year appointed members or a volunteer who recuses himself or herself from voting. The position of the removed member will be filled according to Article II, Section III.

Article III. Internal Procedures

Section I. Meetings

There are two types of official meetings: general meetings and case meetings. A quorum will consist of 50 percent of the committee membership, with at least two members from each class participating.

Section I. A. General Meetings

General meetings will be held quarterly or as needed as determined by the membership of the PCC. All decisions will be rendered by a simple majority vote.

Section I. B. Case Meetings

Case meetings will occur promptly within one week, whenever possible, after a concern is brought to the committee. Students, faculty, or administration may refer matters to the Student PCC. All final judgments as outlined in Article IV, Section I will be rendered by a two-thirds majority vote of the members participating.

Article IV. The Role of the Student PCC in Professionalism at Jefferson

Section I. Cases

Since the Student PCC is not a disciplinary body, it cannot make a determination of guilt. It is a committee charged with exploring the problem with the student(s) involved. The following options are available to it:

  1. No further action
  2. Remedial action through assistance to the student and based upon concurrence by the students involved
  3. Deferred action for future contingencies
  4. Referral to the Office of Student Affairs
  5. Referral to the Judicial Board on student conduct
  6. Other action as appropriate

If a student commits a dishonorable action but makes a conscientious and voluntary effort to rectify the situation prior to any investigational procedures, the Student PCC may take the studentís efforts into consideration.

No details of the proceedings of the Student PCC will be included in the studentís permanent record unless the Student PCC deliberations become part of the basis for subsequent action by the Office of Student Affairs or the Judicial Board on student conduct.

Section II. Education

The Student PCC will take a proactive role in the Jefferson community toward the promotion of professionalism as provided for in the Honor Code and the Shared Code of Professional Values. In particular, the Student PCC will assume the role of introducing the first-year class to Jeffersonís Honor Code through presentation and discussion, and facilitate the signing of the Honor Code.

Article V. Amendment of Bylaws

Any amendment of these bylaws must be ratified by a ĺ majority vote of the full elected membership (note that this does not include the five appointed first-year members).



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