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Philadelphia, PA 19107

Gold Humanism Honor Society

Reflection Committee

Our Mission: "To promote and facilitate a lifetime of self reflection and peer reflection in our continued pursuit of practicing humanistic medicine."

Current Projects

Humanism Cafés

In order to promote and cultivate a culture that values and practices humanism in medicine, individuals need time to reflect and have discussions with peers. The Humanism Cafés are opportunities to discuss and reflect on topics in humanism. For instance, we discuss challenges encountered in our training and goals for how we will continue to implement humanism in our practice daily.

The Cafés occur approximately every two weeks. All Jefferson medical students may participate. Each session begins with a general theme, reading, and/or story by a student facilitator. Small groups are created to allow for more personal discussion and to encourage sharing. Suggestions are always welcome.

Soap Box Moments

Inspired by one of Jefferson’s own faculty, Dr. Brainard, the Soap Box Moments are designed to call the student body’s attention to issues greater than our daily worries about medical school. These Soap Box Moments will occur between lectures for the first and second year medical students and are randomly chosen throughout the year. For a few moments, we will try to creatively and powerfully present an important social topic or current event to the students by eliciting the senses and emotion. Our goal is provoke social awareness and reflection, a valuable characteristic for any physician and vital to practicing with humanism.

Humanism Retreat

The Humanism Retreat is a time to escape the pressures and demands of our daily schedule, and be surrounded by people and an atmosphere of compassion and support. Throughout your medical careers it will be important to periodically step back and reflect on how you practice medicine. These opportunities will revitalize you and empower you to be a more compassionate physician. The goal of the Humanism Retreat is to provide this time to the students in the Gold Humanism Society at Jefferson. The first annual retreat will most likely take place in February 2011 and will occur at an off-site location.

The Healer’s Art

The Healer’s Art is a national course designed to cultivate an atmosphere of sharing and reflection on topics at the heart of the art of medicine. At Jefferson, medical students are able to sign-up for the Healer’s Art as a wellness election during the first year. We believe that there is a natural continuum between the Healer’s Art course and the humanism discussions held by GHHS. We are interested in reaching out to the students who have participated in the Healer’s Art and encouraging them to continue to discuss and reflect on the art of medicine. One way to do this will be by hosting a reception for the students following the conclusion of the Healer’s Art course to introduce our group and encourage participation in activities such as the Humanism Cafés. Further, we will work to encourage first years to sign-up for the Healer’s Art elective by making students more aware of what Healer’s Art is and the benefits of the course.

Committee Members, 2011-2012 Academic Year

  • Trisha Schimek