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Scott Memorial Library
1020 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Past Projects

PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts) Artistic / Medical Interpretations

Dr. Pohl and PAFA's Department of Painting Chair Al Gury revamped a project involving demonstrations of artworks (paintings, models) that featured artistic interpretations from a painter and medical interpretations from clinicians on selected dates over the course of the 2010-2011 academic year.

Golden Pen Essay Contest

Our essay-writing contest included all members of the Jefferson Community. Participants were asked to reflect on a topic involving humanism. Essays were judged by a panel of students, attendings, and faculty.

"Anatomy Academy"

During the months of January to April of 2011, PAFA celebrated the transfer of the "Gross Clinic" painting to its institute. As a way to add to the celebrations, we helped them set up an "Anatomy Academy" as a way to teach younger children very basic anatomy.

The Gold Card

Through the presentation of the Gold Card, we provide a concrete way to recognize those who most embody humanism and compassion in the Jefferson community. Nominated by their colleagues and peers, Gold Card recipients serve as leaders in the community, who, through their actions, improve the quality of patient care and challenge other professionals to practice medicine with as much their hearts as their minds.

Soap Box Moments

Inspired by one of Jefferson's own faculty, Dr. Brainard, the Soap Box Moments were designed to call the student body's attention to issues greater than our daily worries about medical school. These Soap Box Moments will occur between lectures for the first and second year medical students and are randomly chosen throughout the year. For a few moments, we will try to creatively and powerfully present an important social topic or current event to the students by eliciting the senses and emotion. Our goal is provoke social awareness and reflection, a valuable characteristic for any physician and vital to practicing with humanism.