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Scott Memorial Library
1020 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Gold Humanism Honor Society

Gold Nuggets


A series of short presentations, no more than 10 slides in 10 minutes, interspersed once per month throughout 1st year lectures. The timing of the lectures will be arranged by permission and direction of the respective course directors.

These presentations will focus on topics where humanities and medicine intersect. Presentation topics may include concise biographies of pioneers, leaders, or revolutionaries that modeled outstanding dedication to humanism in medicine. They may introduce contemporary social issues, for instance global disparities in medical education and medical representation or novel approaches to design and public health. Presentations may also present differing perspectives of health, medicine, healing, and doctoring.

The presentations will be given by 4th year or faculty GHHS members and will be reviewed by the Gold Nuggets organization committee and subsequently submitted for approval to the respective course director prior to being presented.


Gold Nuggets will act to broaden the scope of medical education by further emphasizing the legacy and contemporary importance of humanism in medicine. The presentations will reinforce students» desire to serve their fellow humans and keep the flame of idealism alight as they negotiate their academic responsibilities in the basic sciences of the 1st year curriculum.

By providing inspirational topics and fresh perspectives, these presentations seek to make a positive impact on the Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy and prevent the dip in the empathy curve seen in the later years of medical school.

Program Archives, 2011/2012