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Welcome to First Aid for Third Year Clerkships at Jefferson Medical College

A number of years ago, many Sophomore medical students were at a loss when it came to choosing their 3rd year schedules. Students didn’t know anything about affiliates – including where they were located – or the "basics" of third year rotations.

Affiliate Day, held sometime in February, has always had the potential to be a very informative day for scheduling purposes. However, many of students didn’t know enough about third year to know even what types of questions to ask. Additionally, most of the students were so wrapped up in spring semester coursework and preparing for USMLE boards that they didn’t have time to go through the affiliate books (and frankly, many of them found the materials confusing). Finally, the 3rd year students were buried in clerkships and thus unavailable to provide the inside scoop on the best rotations.

How this website was developed

The original "First Aid" booklet was distributed in 2007 and since then has been revisited by students from each subsequent year, so that student input over each year can be added to account for any recent changes to either a clerkship or individual site. Thus the ratings provided reflect the most recent years findings, and as such will give you the most appropriate and unbiased picture of the clerkship by site.

Regardless of the ratings provided on this website, you will soon find out that much of your experience depends upon the professionals (Attendings, Residents, Interns, Nurses, Therapists, etc.) with whom you work; please note, at each hospital staffing may vary from month-to-month. Therefore, it is very possible that a student could have a fantastic experience at an affiliate for Block 1 and that a second student would give a bad review for that same affiliate during Block 2, because residents and attendings change.

However, 3rd Year Liaisons for the clerkships from the past years did review results from the Clerkship Surveys to ensure that nothing in the booklet is "coming out of left field." This book can be looked at as a compilation of student experiences. In order to ensure honesty, you will find that the questions were answered anonymously.

Limitations to this website

This website was specifically developed to NOT provide answers like "What is the average grade for Clerkship X at this affiliate site?" We want to give you information about your work schedule; transportation, computer usage, food, and housing (where appropriate) at particular affiliate sites. As you will find throughout the upcoming years, many of these clerkships are what you make of them which involves how much interest and effort you put forth, your interactions with the team in which you are assigned, and going above and beyond for the patients in your care. Having said this, it is possible to either receive Honors or a Failing grade at any site of any rotation based on performance, i.e, there is no such thing as "an easier site for a clerkship" despite what colleagues may say.

Last revised: 02/11

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