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First Aid for Jefferson Clerkship Students


Dedication to Philip Wolfson, MD

Words cannot express the loss of our dear friend and teacher, Philip J. Wolfson, MD. Dr. Wolfson continually went above and beyond to support the students and to give them a voice. His ultimate goal was to cultivate great physicians through nurturing forms of education. As a mentor to innumerable students at Jefferson, Dr. Wolfson continually provided an open ear and positive, yet substantial, feedback. He will always be remembered in the way in which we as students continue on to teach and support our future students.

Clerkship Liaisons 2007-2011

The content found in this website would have never been possible without the dedication of clerkship liaisons over the past years. The following is a list of the students who have devoted their time to this endeavor, and the improvement of the education for students at Jefferson Medical College:

  • Internal Medicine – David Goldberg '10, Rebecca Chiffer '10, Chris Henry '10, Stephanie Boswell '10, Rajan Singla '11, Daniel Kiss '11
  • Psychiatry – Shannon Bailey '10, Joshua Peck '10, Alexandra Sawicki '10, Elina Maymind '11, Abigail Strang '11
  • OB/GYN – Alison Witkin '10, Melissa Nappi '10, Sarah Wallet '10, Risa Yavorski '11, Kimberly Rogers '11, Cara Doherty '11
  • Pediatrics – Kristen Reese '10, Victoria Addis '10, Marylee Dilling '10, Hiroto Kiguchi '11, Emily Harbert '11
  • Surgery – John Berry '10, Sean Devitt '10, Tyler Grenda '10, Joseph Petfield '10, Laura Rosenberg '10, Jordan Bloom '11, Jonathan Sarik '11, Lauren Goldlust '11, Todd Rubin '11
  • Family Medicine – Harriet Eldredge '10, Kendra Klein '10, Tory Mead '10, Lori Pandya '10, Chip Morris '11, Aimee Lee '11

Technical Development of Website

This website would have not been possible without the website building and management by Ann Koopman, AM. Her hard work resulted in not only the completion of this website in time for use by the 2nd year students, but also in the accuracy of the information. Many thanks to Ann for her important contribution.

Special Thanks

An additional thank-you to all of the other third year students who volunteered their time, gave honest opinions, and shared their experiences of the affiliate sites. Your colleagues will benefit greatly from your responses as they explore their clerkship possibilities. Finally, to those students who completed surveys when requested directly, we graciously appreciate your time. It is because of the respondents that this guide has been, and continues to be, a valuable reference.

                                                Ibukun Akinboyo, JMC Class of 2012
                                                Merritt Brown, JMC Class of 2011

Last revised: 02/11

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