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First Aid for Jefferson Clerkship Students


General Information - Contacts

Clerkship Director Dr. Leonard Frank  
Course Coordinator Michele Mcdonnell

Current Liaisons (2012-2013)

3rd Year Liaison Carlos Fernandez-Ortega

Site-Specific Information

Program Comparisons at a Glance

Criteria Bryn Mawr Jefferson
Number of Students 2 or 4 2
Number of Hours per Week 50 50
Weekend call No No
Students from other schools? Rarely No

Rotation Basics:

This is a 3 week rotation that introduces students to the different aspects of Urology. It has the feel of a surgery rotation, although, in general, students have less responsibility than on General Surgery.


  • IDEPT grade was based on the presentation given on the last week of the rotation, as well as a clinical evaluation by the residents on the service.
What books/materials/white coat supplies do you need?
  • Students are lent a Urology textbook, along with handouts given in association with Dr. Frank’s personal cafeteria lectures. Students are to wear scrubs on OR days, which can either be from home, or obtained through the hospital. On clinic days, students are to wear white coats and professional attire.
Student-suggested helpful hints:
  • Be attentive and preread the topic before Dr. Frank’s lectures. He doesn’t really pimp all that much, but since he is essentially giving a lecture to 1-4 people at a small cafeteria table , you will feel more comfortable if you know some information about the topic already.
  • Enjoy these 3 weeks. Compared with general surgery, this is not an overly stressful rotation, and there are many opportunities to see the wide variety in the field.
  • The presentation determines much of your grade, so make sure you pick a topic that is not only interesting to you, but that will be a little bit different, and even useful for the residents to hear. They also really don't want you to go over 5 minutes!

Last revised: 07/12

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