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First Aid for Jefferson Clerkship Students

General Surgery

General Information - Contacts

Clerkship Director Dr. Gerald Isenberg
Course Coordinator Sherry Weitz

Current Liaisons (2012-2013)

3rd Year Liaisons Vanessa Mazandi
Thana Theofanis
4th Year Liaison Sarah Fuzesi

Site-Specific Information

Program Comparisons at a Glance

Criteria Christiana duPont Einstein Frankford Jefferson
Number of Students 4 max 3 max 6 max 4 max 10 max
Students/Resident   1/3     10/32
Fellows         Yes
Average Hours/Day 12 12 12+ 11 12+
Weekend Hours Call only Call only Call only No Yes
Evening Call Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Visiting Students Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Housing Yes No No No No

Criteria Methodist Lankenau Wilmington VA York
Number of Students 3 max 5 max 2 max 2 max
Students/Resident 3/3   2/2  
Average Hours/Day 12 12 12 12
Weekend Hours Call only Call only No No
Evening Call Yes Yes No Yes
Visiting Students No Yes Yes Yes
Housing No No No Yes

Rotation Basics:

  • Clinical Grade - Your Clinical Grade (High Honors, Excellent, Good, Marginal, or Failure) is based mainly on your performance as assessed by all of the residents and attendings with whom you have worked. In general, in order to achieve a grade of Honors or Excellent there must be a strong consensus of opinion that your performance warrants one of these superior ratings. The following is a general guide as to the characteristics of students for each grade:
    • GOOD - Meets clerkship requirements, some evidence of studying and reading, doing what is necessary / sufficient, participates.
    • EXCELLENT - Self-directed learning, strives to relate ideas to previous knowledge and experience, seeks to understand principles / logic, actively involved in clerkship / patient care activities.
    • HONORS - Seeks high achievement, consistent effort into reading / studying, manages time effectively, alert to requirements of the rotation, alert to the ‘culture’ of the team.
    • At the end of the rotation your evaluations from both residents and attendings are compiled. From the Class of 2012, grading for general surgery and the selectives is now separate and it appears as separate on your transcript. Your clinical grade will be listed on your transcript.
What books/materials/white coat supplies do you need?
  • Books
    • ‘Required Text.’ Essentials of General Surgery (4th Edition) and Essentials of Surgical Specialties (2nd edition), both edited by Peter Lawrence [note that few people actually bought this book, and few of those who bought it actually used it!]
    • Surgical Recall. "Fantastic." A lifesaver, quick read before going into a surgery. A great way to prepare prior to starting a new service.
    • First Aid for Surgery.
    • NMS Surgery Case Files. Good for a first overview, but not enough detail for the shelf-exam.
    • Pre-test - multiple-choice questions that are very difficult, but great. Help prepare you for Shelf exam and give explanation to correct/incorrect answers.
  • White Coat Goodies
    • Team’s Patient list & Crucial phone numbers.
    • Your PDA (or something with epocrates).
    • Maxwell pocket guide (colorful pages).
    • Stethoscope, pen light, extra gauze, alcohol pads to clean your stethoscope.
    • Suture - practice knot tying.
    • Scissors & shears (heavy duty scissors).
    • Surgical Recall - great for researching your attending’s questions.
    • Maxwell’s - If at Lankenau.
    • Meal tickets or Granola bars.
    • Gum or mints.
Student-suggested helpful hints:
  • Surgeons like attentiveness and enthusiasm.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings in the OR.
  • Be kind to the support staff even if they are not always kind to you.
  • Know as much as possible about the patient and the case.

Last revised: 07/12

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