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First Aid for Jefferson Clerkship Students

Pediatrics Programs

General Information - Contacts

Clerkship Director Dr. Alisa Losasso
Course Coordinator Sybil Fullard

Current Liaisons (2012-2013)

3rd Year Liaisons Kristi Dellabadia
Erin McDermott
4th Year Liaisons Colin Craft
Courtney Sirak

Site-Specific Information

NOTE: If you want to be at a particular hospital/clinic/site, email Sybil Fullard, the clerkship coordinator (see email address above). She gives you this option a few weeks before your rotation, so be sure to do it if you have a preference!!! It’s no guarantee, but she’ll try her best to accommodate requests within reason.

Program Comparisons at a Glance

Inpatient Programs

Criteria Bryn Mawr Christiana duPont Reading Jefferson
Number of Students/Team or Location 1 1 1-3 1-2 1
Average Hours/Day 9 9 11 9 11
Number of Students/Resident 1-2/1-2 1-2/1-2 1-3/3 1-2/1-2 1-2/1-2
On-call? No No No No No

Outpatient Programs

Criteria Bonni Field Einstein Jefferson Jessup Street Lankenau Lourdes
Number of Students/Team or Location 1 3 4-7 2 1 1
Average Hours/Day 8-9 8-9 8-9 8 9 8-9
Number of Students/Resident No residents 1-3/1-3 1-3/1-3 Work with attending No residents Work with attending
On-call? No No No No No No

Criteria Methodist Peds. Assoc. South Philadelphia People's Plaza Reading Roxborough St. Francis
Number of Students/Team or Location 1 1 1 1-2 1 1
Average Hours/Day 9 8-9 8-9 8-9 8-9 9-10
Number of Students/Resident No residents No residents Work with attending 1-3/1-3 Work with attending 1/1-3
On-call? No No No No No No

Nursery Programs

Criteria Christiana Einstein Jefferson Reading
Number of Students/Team or Location 1-3 1-2 2-3 1-2
Average Hours/Day 7-10 6-9 7-8 7-9
Number of Students/Resident 1-3/2-3 1-2 1-2 per team 1-2/1-2
On-call? No No No No

Rotation Basics:

  • Clinical clerkship grade and a separate shelf exam grade, which is traditionally curved from the NBME score. Your clinical clerkship grade is based on evaluations from residents, along with the completion of a typed H&P with 1 page case discussion, 6 Structured Clinical Observations (SCOs), 1 videotaped encounter, 1 clinical question and presentation.
What books/materials/white coat supplies do you need?
  • You can rent the "required" textbook (Oski’s) from the pediatrics department at orientation for $5 (non-refundable). For shelf study, most students like Case Files, Pre-Test and/or Blueprints. Throw in some stickers, gloves to blow up like balloons, anything to distract the youngest patients! There is no need to buy a Harriet Lane book, but it is helpful to borrow it from your resident or look it up on MD Consult as needed.
Student-suggested helpful hints:
  • Ask questions. A lot of the diseases encountered in your peds rotation are unlike those from your other rotations because they are congenital/genetic. Don't be afraid to ask a question about a disease you don't remember or never learned. Asking questions shows you are interested in your patients.
  • Always carry around stickers or appropriate toys in your pocket. You will look awesome pulling out a sticker to calm down a screaming child while your attending is attempting to do an exam.
  • Keep reading, especially during inpatient. At night, pull up an Up-to-Date article on the condition that your patient has. This will help you to be more thorough when writing the Assessment/Plan part of your progress note the next day.
  • If you find something interesting in your research, type up a one-page blurb on it to share with your team. This shouldn’t be some really in-depth piece, but more of a focus on one aspect of a disease, for example, the testing used to diagnose ALL. In addition, it may be professional courtesy to let the other 3rd years on your team know ahead of time that you will be sharing something during rounds.

Last revised: 07/12

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