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First Aid for Third Year Clerkships at JMC

Orthopaedics Clerkship at Lankenau


How did you get there? What is the IDEAL way to get there (if different)? If you took public transportation how much did it cost?
  • Drive, you can take the train but the walk from the station to the hospital is a good 1/2 hr. Driving alone will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • $5 refundable parking pass


If you lived away from campus, how was the housing?
  • No housing offered.
Food: Was it paid for? Were there free lunches? Did you get meal vouchers when you were on-call?
  • No meal vouchers. Lank has a nice café but its definitely MORE expensive then most hospital cafeterias.


How were the 3 weeks divided up? What are the teams or the options for the rotations?
  • The 3 weeks at Lankenau Orthopedics are spent primarily with the preceptor to whom you are assigned. To my knowledge Dr. Lawrence Wolf is the only one currently receiving Jeff students. Depending on time and your request you may spend a few days in office hours and OR with Dr. Rubenstein, another associate at Main Line Ortho. The rotation is more heavy on office hours. Dr. Wolf primarily operates on Tuesdays, and you typically work with Dr. Rubenstein on Wednesdays.
Are you able to request what you want?
  • No.


Did you have lectures/didactic sessions at your rotation site? How often? How long? Do you feel like they were as well organized as the lectures at Jeff?
  • There are no formal lectures set up for you while rotating at Lank (note: you still have Friday surgery lectures back at Jeff which you are required to attend); however, DR. Wolf does give you some impromptu lectures from talks he has given directly in his office.
Did you give a presentation? Were you required to do so?
  • No formal presentations were given. There were a few times where you would be asked look up and fact or topic and then briefly present it to him (very low stress.)


What were your hours (roughly)?
  • 8 a.m. to 4:30-5 p.m.
Did you get off on major holidays, or were you expected to be there (i.e. Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Friday after Thanksgiving)?
  • Yes, no weekends, or holiday work required.
What was the call schedule? Were you able to pick your nights or trade with peers?
  • No call required.
In the Hospital, did you feel a part of the ‘team’? Did residents/attendings appreciate you?
  • There are not usually any Residents rotating with Dr. Wolf, which gives you unparalleled access to the attending surgeon. He certainly includes you as a team member and the staff if very friendly! There are some great PA and Nurses in the OR to help you if you lack OR experience. In the OR you will be mainly retracting and will very rarely be allowed to close. Dr. Wolf is very particular about sterile technique so be sure to be cautious!
How was the teaching by attendings?
  • Dr. Wolf is a great teacher. His practice is primarily joint replacement and therefore lacks some of the diversity you may get with other Orthopods. I recommend asking to spend sometime with Dr. David Rubenstein who does primarily arthroscopic/sports medicine to increase your exposure.


  • Brush up on OR skills (i.e. suturing, sterile technique) and read up on the anatomy of the case the night before. This will not only prepare you for the case but may help you to answer questions posed by residents/attendings.

Last revised: 01/12

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