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First Aid for Third Year Clerkships at JMC

Ophthalmology at Jefferson

How satisfied were you with the rotation?
Extremely - 64.7%
Very - 35.3%
What books/materials/white coat supplies did you find most helpful?
  • The Basic Opthalmology textbook provided, The Wills Eye Manual (to a lesser degree), the ophthalmoscope provided. They give you all the books and materials you need on Day 1. This includes textbooks to use for the open book test and an ophtalmoscope.
In the Hospital, did you feel a part of the ‘team’? Did residents/attendings appreciate you?
  • Depends on the subspecialty. ER when it's not TOO busy is the most useful. Retina and Cornea were also very educational.
  • "On the clinics they made particular effort to get me involved/teach, and I felt much more part of the team in the ER because I was able to take patients back and do the interview/exam by myself."
  • "Residents were very appreciative of any help and did a lot of teaching!"
  • "Yes. I was shocked how much the residents and attendings give attention to a 3rd year med student. When time permitted they gave individual instruction and good reference material."
What were your average hours per week? Did you have to work weekends? Did you have any evening call? Did you have days off?
  • 40 hours per week, no weekends. You only have to do 3 evening calls, which are only four hour shifts. You can request days off if needed.
Did you have lectures/didactic sessions at your rotation site? How often? How long? Do you feel like they were as well organized as the lectures at Jeff?
  • "Lectures were given every morning by the faculty for 1 hour. You also attended a few resident lectures throughout the week. Lectures were extremely well organized and solely for students, so they were very helpful."
Did you give a presentation? Were you required to do so?
  • No.
Do you have any helpful hints for the students rotating next block?
  • Get started on your take-home test early! Work on a few questions every day.
  • Go to all ED sessions - you learn the most and can do the most.
  • "Try to read as much as you can of the Basic Ophthalmology book before the rotation begins.
  • It would be nice to be able to pick it up on the Friday afternoon before the rotation begins, to read a little over the weekend."
  • Everyone is very nice, and take the open book test seriously, it is your entire grade.
Is there anything you wish you knew before the block began?
  • "To have read the first 3-4 chapters of the Basic Ophthalmology book before the block began would have given me a good head start. Otherwise, I didn't feel that I needed any other equipment or training that wasn't provided during the rotation."

Last revised: 01/12

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