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First Aid for Third Year Clerkships at JMC

Neurosurgery at Jefferson


How did you get there? What is the IDEAL way to get there (if different)? If you took public transportation how much did it cost?
  • Jefferson campus.


If you lived away from campus, how was the housing?
  • No housing is provided.
Food: Was it paid for? Were there free lunches? Did you get meal vouchers when you were on-call?
  • No food or vouchers.


Did you have lectures/didactic sessions at your rotation site? How often? How long? Do you feel like they were as well organized as the lectures at Jeff?
  • There are a few morning conferences in DePalma. Separately, there is a T3 conference held monthly at night in which interesting cases are reviewed. This is an excellent conference that explores the relationship between different specialties involved in a single surgery case.
Did you give a presentation? Were you required to do so?
  • In order to be eligible for honors, students need to prepare a ppt.


What were your hours (roughly)?
  • Morning rounds varied between 6 and 7 a.m. This is not interactive for the student. After rounds, students can decide among themselves what surgeries they want to observe. Students usually do not stay past 3 p.m.
Did you get off on major holidays, or were you expected to be there (i.e. Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Friday after Thanksgiving)? Weekends?
  • No weekends.
What was the call schedule? Were you able to pick your nights or trade with peers?
  • No call.
In the Hospital, did you feel a part of the ‘team’? Did residents/attendings appreciate you?
  • Students have commented that they felt as though they were less a part of the team than in other areas of surgery.
How was the teaching by attendings?
  • Teaching by attendings is clear and organized.


  • As with every surgical rotation, show interest, be persistent, look for opportunities to do more than is asked of you. Part of your evaluation is based upon the PowerPoint presentation.


  • Teaching by attendings is clear and organized.
  • Students are encouraged to seek out surgeries that most interest them. Students had lots of opportunities to pursue their specific interests.
  • Students have commented that they felt as though they were less a part of the team than in other areas of surgery.
  • Students have complained about lack of participation in the OR, as well as a general difficulty in interacting with the busy residents.

Last revised: 01/12

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