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First Aid for Third Year Clerkships at JMC

Family Medicine Clerkship at Latrobe Hospital


How did you get there? What is the IDEAL way to get there (if different)? If you took public transportation how much did it cost?
  • Public transport is not a realistic option. I drove, carpooled out and back, 5 hours tops to get there, straight shot down the turnpike, and rode my bike all over town to get around once there. Most of the restaurants and beer are about 4-5 miles from the house, someone needs to have a car or everyone is stuck.


If you lived away from campus, how was the housing?
  • Housing solid, shared bath and kitchen, plenty of room, cable, bedding provided, commute on foot to the hospital is about 48 seconds (could be shorter, but it's uphill).
Food: Was it paid for? Were there free lunches? Did you get meal vouchers when you were on-call?
  • Got plenty of food vouchers, never used them all, mostly for lunch, made my own breakfast, many other lunches were provided. I ate out a lot because it was greasy and yummy and cheap; others made dinner - good supermarkets 2 miles away.


Did you have lectures/didactic sessions at your rotation site? How often? How long? Do you feel like they were as well organized as the lectures at Jeff?
  • Outrageously well organized, one hour every morning pre-start to the day, assorted lunch-time lectures. As a student you are in charge of all your own patients from the time they walk in to the time they walk out - all assessment and planning is on you, and the attendings are always working one on one with the student for every single patient - THE LEARNING IS AWESOME.
Did you give a presentation? Were you required to do so?
  • Nothing super formal - presented every patient encounter to an attending and all the other students, several times asked to prep for the next morning talks but pretty mellow.


What were your hours (roughly)?
  • 7:30 a.m. - 5:00p.m., half day Fridays, no weekends.
Did you get off on major holidays, or were you expected to be there (i.e. Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Friday after Thanksgiving)?
  • Yes.
What was the call schedule? Were you able to pick your nights or trade with peers?
  • Not applicable.
In the Hospital, did you feel a part of the ‘team’? Did residents/attendings appreciate you?
  • ABSOLUTELY - from the moment you said hello - the entire team depended on your opinions, time, insights.
How was the teaching by attendings?
  • Absolutely awesome!!!! They are fantastic one on one.


  • Hone focused physical exam - work up ASSESSMENT AND PLAN FOR ALL PATIENTS.


  • "Awesome teaching, laid back, ample time to play in the out-of-doors"
  • "Can be a somewhat lower patient volume, especially if more than three students are in the family practice office at a time. Try to switch off doing weeks in the hospital to avoid this."

Last revised: 01/12

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