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First Aid for Third Year Clerkships at JMC

Anesthesiology at All Sites

How satisfied were you with the rotation?
Extremely - 13%
Very - 45%
Moderately - 39.1%
Not Very - 4.3%
Dissatisfied - 0%
Did you have lectures/didactic sessions at your rotation site? How often? How long? Do you feel like they were as well organized as the lectures at Jeff?
  • We attended Grand Rounds once a week for an hour. It was well organized.
  • Lectures are informal, but very good. They are given by the director of the program. Students are also encouraged to complete reading and modules online.
  • No lectures on Anesthesia at Jefferson. Only the normal Friday surgery clerkship lectures for the entire block of student on Surgery for the 12 weeks.
Did you give a presentation? Were you required to do so?
  • Yes. The presentation was required if you wished to try for honors. It is five minutes of an anesthesia topic of one's choosing.
What were your hours (roughly)? What was the call schedule? Were you able to pick your nights or trade with peers?
  • 6:45 a.m. - 3-4 p.m. No call schedule.
In the Hospital, did you feel a part of the ‘team’? Did residents/attendings appreciate you?
  • Yes. They knew I was a 3rd year student but were very friendly in giving advice, teaching on the spot, and letting me integrate in some aspects of patient care.
  • For the most part, the teaching was great. How much I got to do what highly dependent on the attending and the type of case it was.
What books/materials/white coat supplies did you need?
  • "I bought the Anesthesia: Secrets book for my own collection, but I did not need to buy it. The materials supplied were adequate, but I wanted further reading."
  • The handout that they gave us at Jeff was VERY good.
Is there anything you wish you knew before you began the rotation? Do you have any advice for students rotating next?
  • Focus more on the test (read the packet over and over) than the presentation. The presentation is a binary grade (pass/fail).
  • "I wish I purchased and read some selected portions of the Anesthesia: Secrets book before I began my rotation. Either that, or to have been emailed the document given to us on our 1st day (the 30-page Jefferson-produced packet). I caught up in a few days, but that weekend before I could have done some reading."
  • "Ask questions and be interested. Since you're only with some residents for a day, they might assume you're just sliding through, so make sure you engage with them."

Last revised: 01/12

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