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Jefferson Medical College Alpha Omega Alpha Guide to the Second Year

Foundations of Pharmacology

Dr. Beck prefers Katzung. She will give you information regarding other reference books and review aids and point out how old they are. Books are VERY optional. Pharmacology is always changing so do not buy a book that is out-of-date. A lot of students like the Pharm Cards which are pre-printed flashcards. These are also useful for Step 1 prep.

Pretty comprehensive. Make sure you know Dr. Beck's learning objectives, as this is the source of her exam questions. Know the autonomic nervous system inside and out, it will appear heavily on the exam and the rest of the course. Take time to memorize the extremely high yield table provided in the syllabus that explains the locations and functions of the adrenergic and cholinergic/muscarinic receptors by organ (you will see this for the pop up numerous times throughout the rest of the year and Step 1).

Easy way to get extra points. Dr.Vogel will call on people in his workshop. If you want to minimize your chances of this, sit in the front because he starts with the back row first.

Straight forward. For the past couple years the class average has been in the 90's.

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Last updated: 7/12

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