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Jefferson Medical College Alpha Omega Alpha Guide to the First Year

Molecular & Chemical Basis of Medicine

This course is difficult for everyone, even if you majored in biochemistry. There is a syllabus of lecture notes that you will rely on. It is very thorough and the aim is generally to know everything in it. It can also be helpful to have another reference book for instances where you don't feel the syllabus explained a pathway well enough.

When studying for USMLE Step 1 at the end of second year, it will be good to already have a reference book that you are familiar with to study from. You really do need to know biochemical pathways for this block and you should be able to write them out, know what is happening in each step, and know what clinical situations arise if the pathway is altered.

While the exams are heavy with basic science material, do not forget about the clinical scenarios. They will be tested. Like anatomy, there are multiple choice exams every three to four weeks. The last exam is not cumulative (pheww!).

Do not leave MEMORIZING to the week before the exam. Try to begin learning and even memorizing the material as you are learning it. This will make the week before the exam much less overwhelming.

Revised: 7/12

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