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Jefferson Medical College Alpha Omega Alpha Guide to the First Year

Introduction to Clinical Medicine 1 Course (ICM 1)

Students complain about ICM every year because it's considered 'less important' than the more factual courses like anatomy and biochemistry. The fact is that the information presented in these lectures will make you a good clinician, and as long as you take it seriously, you can do very well in this class.

The format of this class changes every year. There will be ICM classes interspersed with other lectures. There will probably also be full days or weeks of ICM classes interspersed throughout the year that will cover some of the bigger topics like Child Development and Behavioral medicine. There is even a block on evidence based medicine. It can be difficult to find the motivation to study for these quizzes when they occur in the middle of a block, but don't blow them off, some of them are more challenging than people expect.

For the development and behavioral medicine sections, use the required book because some of the questions come directly from the reviews at the end of each chapter. The information from this class, especially 'ages and stages' will be on the boards (and actually a much larger component than anatomy) and will be very helpful during your rotations.

As part of ICM you will also be assigned to a small group that meets throughout the year and gives you the opportunity to role play patient interviews and to discuss controversies in medicine with your peers. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn how to take a good patient history.

Revised: 7/12

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