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Rental of Learning Resources Facilities or Equipment by Non-Jeffersonians

Computer Classrooms

AISR Learning Resources computer classrooms are available for use without charge by AISR staff and Jefferson faculty who instruct participants in workshops and course sessions, including courses attended by non-Jeffersonians. Reservations must be requested in advance. Use our online form to reserve a classroom.

When no Jefferson workshops or course sessions are scheduled, computers in the electronic classrooms are open on a first-come, first-served basis for rental by non-Jefferson corporate groups, professional organizations, and other schools.

The priority for courses using the computer classrooms are:

  1. Numbered courses (i.e. courses from the regular curricula of JMC, JCHP, or JCGS).
    No fees will be charged.

  2. Symposia, faculty development workshops, special groups or CME courses, and AISR-based workshops that are coordinated by Education Services.
    No fees will be charged.

  3. Groups from outside the university (e.g., professional associations, corporate groups)
    Reservations for such groups cannot be made more than one month in advance.
    A rental fee will be charged at a rate of $50 per computer per day, plus technical staff support time.