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Scott Memorial Library
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Philadelphia, PA 19107

Instructional Design Services

Whether you are preparing your first lecture or redesigning a traditional course you've taught for years into a distance learning format, working with one of Jefferson's instructional designers will help. Your instructional designer will work with you to define the audience and desired outcomes, create an engaging, learner-centered interaction with your content, and an appropriate assessment activity to document the outcome.

Options available to you include use of an audience response system (Turning Point), online testing, support for use of mobile technologies (e.g., iPads) by students, and more.

Jefferson's instructional design services are covered for all credit courses at the University.

example of online course material

Resident Resources: Cardiovascular Medicine was a case-based instructional application developed to help primary care residents prepare for their licensing exam.

Instructional Design staff:

Kathy Day

Kathy Day

Scott Memorial Library
1020 Walnut Street,
Room 409
Philadelphia, PA 19107
fax: 215-923-3203